regal::TimeStatisticMaker Class Reference

#include <TimeStatisticMaker.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void addValue ()
void endingTime ()
double getDuration ()
void startingTime ()
 TimeStatisticMaker ()
 TimeStatisticMaker (char *path, char *option)
 ~TimeStatisticMaker ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

regal::TimeStatisticMaker::TimeStatisticMaker ( char *  path,
char *  option 
) [inline]

Creates a TimeStatisticMaker

path is the path of the output file
option is the option to open the file : w,w+,a,a+

regal::TimeStatisticMaker::TimeStatisticMaker (  )  [inline]

Creates a TimeStatisticMaker

regal::TimeStatisticMaker::~TimeStatisticMaker (  )  [inline]

Destroys a TimeStatisticMaker

Member Function Documentation

void regal::TimeStatisticMaker::addValue (  )  [inline]

Write duration in output

void regal::TimeStatisticMaker::endingTime (  )  [inline]

Notes time after an action

double regal::TimeStatisticMaker::getDuration (  )  [inline]

Returns the action's duration

the action's duration

void regal::TimeStatisticMaker::startingTime (  )  [inline]

Notes time before an action

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