regal::GasteXConverter Class Reference

#include <GasteXConverter.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void beginAutomaton (const int &sizeX, const int &sizeY)
void draw_edge (char *&start, char *&end, char *&word)
void draw_node (char *&name, int posx, int posy, bool initial, bool final)
void endAutomaton ()
 GasteXConverter (const char *path)
 ~GasteXConverter ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

regal::GasteXConverter::GasteXConverter ( const char *  path  )  [inline]

regal::GasteXConverter::~GasteXConverter (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void regal::GasteXConverter::beginAutomaton ( const int &  sizeX,
const int &  sizeY 
) [inline, virtual]

Write in output the header to creates a GasteX automaton

sizeX is the max width of the drawning
sizeY is the max height of the drawning

Implements regal::Converter.

void regal::GasteXConverter::draw_edge ( char *&  start,
char *&  end,
char *&  word 
) [inline, virtual]

Print in output the GasteX line to draw a egde Make a loop if start and end are the same

Implements regal::Converter.

void regal::GasteXConverter::draw_node ( char *&  name,
int  posx,
int  posy,
bool  initial,
bool  final 
) [inline, virtual]

Print in output the GasteX line to draw a node

Implements regal::Converter.

void regal::GasteXConverter::endAutomaton (  )  [inline, virtual]

Write in output that the current automaton's description is finished

Implements regal::Converter.

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